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Wristband Key Chains

As I was thinking of different items to make for an upcoming craft fair at our church, a friend suggested key chains.  After looking up different tutorials, I decided on this one:


(The only change I made to the tutorial was to use a piece of fabric 4 inches by 2 3/4 inches instead of the ribbon).

I am constantly misplacing my keys, or I think I have misplaced them when actually they are in the bottom of my purse. This key chain has solved everything! When I am not using them, they are attached to the outside of my purse, so they can be quickly found.


When I just want to leave my purse in the car, the key chain slips around my wrist, and I am hands free.


My kids also love it because they no longer have to search for my keys 🙂


So, here are a few more I have made for the craft show. Each are made of two coordinating fabrics. I LOVE all the different colors!  Whatever doesn’t sell this weekend, I will sell on ETSY.



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