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Many know the changes our family have gone through over these past few years, but I thought I would update here anyway. Due to how busy life became, I was unable to post much to this blog. We definitely continued various sewing and embroidery projects. Kathleen has become very skilled!

We are now living in Louisiana near Lafayette. Sean was hired at an amazing K-12 academy, John Paul the Great Academy (JPG), right before the beginning of last school year. We quickly packed up our life in Virginia and moved down south. I was hired at a tiny country Catholic elementary school in Iota as the middle school Language Arts Teacher. After homeschooling for many years, the kids are now attending school at JPG and thriving.

This spring, I began offering sewing classes at my school in Iota for interested students. These were held one day a week after school and on Saturdays. There is now a nice group of students that continue to come to classes.

sewing table sewing in the classroom

Since these classes have been such a huge success, I am now organizing summer camps for JPG students.

Some of the projects that will be offered are…

PILLOWCASE – Even boys love this project as they can pick sports or super hero material.

pillowcaseboys pillowcases pillowcases

APRON – Kids can choose two types of fabric, and therefore this can be reversible. A few of the girls below did that.

aprons_second side                    aprons

PAJAMA PANTS – This is always a fun project. Kathleen and I make pajama pants every year for her and the boys. This first picture is the pair Kathleen made when she was 8. The other is two of my students in Iota.

DSCN3529                         pajama pants2

ZIPPER BAG – Sewing with zippers is so easy with this project! These are some that my daughter has made…all done in one afternoon! Also, two of my Iota students are posing with the ones they made during one of my classes.

20150224_171557      zipperbag2      zipper bag 1

ZIPPER PURSE – below is a zipper bag that Kathleen designed and then quilted. We then used the same material to add a shoulder strap and some key fobs. It turned out absolutely adorable!


I look forward to sharing more pictures as these classes and camps continue on.


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I grew up in Milwaukee, but we would spend Easter in Chicago every year visiting with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I have many wonderful memories from these times. One good memory was the Easter Lamb Cake my Grandma Ita would make each year. At the time, I was not a big fan of coconut, and she covered hers in coconut. A few years back, I started making these. My children and husband love them as much as I do! I make them with a very tasty butter-cream frosting, and I make the grass out of coconut. This way if you like coconut, you can have it also.

My daughter has become quite the baker. She is also trying to earn some funds to purchase an Irish Dancing dress for the fall. She and her brothers take lessons with The Boyle School of Irish dance and LOVE it! Thankfully, there are no expensive costumes for the boys!

Anyway, I suggested that the two of us bake up some of these hard to find lamb cakes for families from our parish. Hopefully we will get some orders. Here is a picture of one we made a few years ago. Isn’t it cute?

lamb cake

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After we learned how and where to download fun fonts and pictures of cute babies, our blankets started improving. The one below I made as a gift for a friend.  It did get caught in the back of the embroidery machine…oops! And this was not the first time this happened. Fortunately, I was able to salvage it, but I did have to cut off the bottom right side about an inch. That is why it does not look too centered. If this was an actual order, I would have done it over. I think it turned out beautifully!


This is a second attempt with this blanket. I blocked out the last name for security reasons. This was ordered from a friend, so it had to be done right. I was working on this before Christmas. Remember the frustration I was talking about before?! Making this blanket was the first time I caught material in the back of the embroidery machine. I could not save the letter ‘s’ on the end of Frances, so I knew I would have to embroider it again. I also had made a burp cloth with this material, but soon learned I had no idea how to sew stretchy materials (the brown rose fabric is not flannel). After researching it, I learned I had to use A LOT of pins before sewing it to the flannel fabric. I then finished it off all around with a zig zag stitch. My friend was very happy with her purchase.

Brown and Rose Flannel Baby Blanket

Brown and Rose Flannel Baby Blanket

This blanket was made for another friend of a friend. I think it came out nice! (Blocking out the last name)

no last name2

This was the first blanket I embroidered. It was a bit off center which is one reason why I am now embroidering on the corners diagonally.


As you can see, the final product has improved, so I feel ready to sell these. For orders, I will be charging $35-$40. These are double-sided with soft, cuddly, coordinating flannel or minky fabric. Let me know if I can make one for the special baby in your life!

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My latest adventure…

Welcome to The Scrappy Rose!  I had a hard time coming up with a name that I felt ‘fit’ me.  A few friends, along with my husband, offered their suggestions, but the final one was through a friend Jodi who has her amazing blog at http://sewfearless.com/.  Jodi’s blog is what made me realize that I too CAN sew. I had to just dive in and do it.  Thanks Jodi!

This blog will feature my sewing, quilting and digital scrapbooking adventures.  I hope you enjoy it!

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