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The Nursing Cover


Nursing cover 2-side 1

A friend of my suggested I make nursing covers as she really hated hers. I decided to give it a try. As always, before I begin any project, I start by searching tutorials out there. My searching led to three possibilities. I used ideas from all three to create a pattern that worked for me.

This is the one I based most of my design from.


I liked the idea of this one as it is┬áreversible. This way the mom gets to choose which side she prefers depending on the mood of the day…smile.


The link below shows the added corner pockets. I decided to make mine using flannel triangles.


All of them use a D-ring for the neck, but after asking many other nursing mothers, most do not like this option.

Here are some pictures of the nursing covers I made:

These first two pictures are from the first cover I made. I went ahead and made the square pockets, but I wasn’t completely happy with them.

Nursing Cover 1

Nursing Cover 1 – Side 1

nursing cover 1 opposite side

Nursing cover 1 – side 2

This is a second cover I made for a friend’s sister. She loved the black on white look. I only took this picture, so you need to look closely to see the opposite side. I liked the triangle pocket much better!

Nursing cover 2-side 1

Nursing cover 2-side 1

This was my fourth attempt. This was for a friend that loves the color brown. I just mailed it off to her today, so I can’t wait to hear if she likes it.

Nursing Cover 3 - Side 1

Nursing Cover 3 – Side 1

Nursing Cover 3 - Side 2

Nursing Cover 3 – Side 2

My plan now is to start making ones to have on hand to sell. Are you interested in one??


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