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My daughter and I have been improving our skills using our new embroidery machine. We had to walk away from it over Christmas due to high levels of frustration, but now we think we are getting the hang of it. We have learned where to download adorable fonts at low-cost. We have learned, using a special computer program, how to merge these fonts with adorable pictures that we also find on-line. There is so much still to learn, but we are finally having TONS of fun!

Here are some aprons we did for friends over the weekend. Kathleen wanted to do one for her very good friend Natalie. She used to live next door to us in Steubenville, OH, but now they live about 15 hours away. The girls have remained good friends by being pen-pals! We hope Natalie will be very surprised as Kathleen did not tell her she was doing this.



Here is a closeup of this apron. A very sweet little little girl will be surprised when she gets this in the mail in a few days.


Now, we are going to start taking orders from our local community. We have some great designs to put on these aprons!

Cost: $20…Contact us so we can personalize an apron for you!


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The Nursing Cover


Nursing cover 2-side 1

A friend of my suggested I make nursing covers as she really hated hers. I decided to give it a try. As always, before I begin any project, I start by searching tutorials out there. My searching led to three possibilities. I used ideas from all three to create a pattern that worked for me.

This is the one I based most of my design from.


I liked the idea of this one as it is reversible. This way the mom gets to choose which side she prefers depending on the mood of the day…smile.


The link below shows the added corner pockets. I decided to make mine using flannel triangles.


All of them use a D-ring for the neck, but after asking many other nursing mothers, most do not like this option.

Here are some pictures of the nursing covers I made:

These first two pictures are from the first cover I made. I went ahead and made the square pockets, but I wasn’t completely happy with them.

Nursing Cover 1

Nursing Cover 1 – Side 1

nursing cover 1 opposite side

Nursing cover 1 – side 2

This is a second cover I made for a friend’s sister. She loved the black on white look. I only took this picture, so you need to look closely to see the opposite side. I liked the triangle pocket much better!

Nursing cover 2-side 1

Nursing cover 2-side 1

This was my fourth attempt. This was for a friend that loves the color brown. I just mailed it off to her today, so I can’t wait to hear if she likes it.

Nursing Cover 3 - Side 1

Nursing Cover 3 – Side 1

Nursing Cover 3 - Side 2

Nursing Cover 3 – Side 2

My plan now is to start making ones to have on hand to sell. Are you interested in one??

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Wristband Key Chains

As I was thinking of different items to make for an upcoming craft fair at our church, a friend suggested key chains.  After looking up different tutorials, I decided on this one:


(The only change I made to the tutorial was to use a piece of fabric 4 inches by 2 3/4 inches instead of the ribbon).

I am constantly misplacing my keys, or I think I have misplaced them when actually they are in the bottom of my purse. This key chain has solved everything! When I am not using them, they are attached to the outside of my purse, so they can be quickly found.


When I just want to leave my purse in the car, the key chain slips around my wrist, and I am hands free.


My kids also love it because they no longer have to search for my keys 🙂


So, here are a few more I have made for the craft show. Each are made of two coordinating fabrics. I LOVE all the different colors!  Whatever doesn’t sell this weekend, I will sell on ETSY.


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