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Crafting this year

It is amazing with a new sewing machine, how much more fun it is to make presents for Christmas.  I had started table runners last year with my old machine, and did not get far.  Now, I am close to finishing them for this Christmas.  I just have to hand stitch the binding (not my favorite part).  That can be done in the car on the way to Chicago, since my husband always insists on driving (not that I mind).

This pattern is The Fat Quarter Table Runner.  I tend to find a pattern I can make, and duplicate it many times.

Also, my daughter wanted to make scarves for friends and family.  We are patiently waiting for our fleece shipment to arrive from Joann’s…ordered 10 days ago.  At least we were able to get a start.

We look forward to sharing our gifts with families and friends soon!


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Photo Quilt

This quilt was made for a very special person in my life, my uncle Fr. Joe.  He has been such an amazing uncle and friend through the years.  He doesn’t need much, but I wanted to do something special for him for his 80th birthday this past March.  I came up with a simple quilt design.  I then went out and found the fabric that would work best. Next, I did some research on how to transfer pictures to fabric.  After researching, it seemed the best way was to use what was called Miracle Fabric Sheets. I found them at CJ Jenkins .  My next step was to create or use existing scrapbook pages that could then be transferred onto the quilt.

After I began sewing the quilt together, it became clear that I needed a new sewing machine.  My mother’s machine was not working like it used to.  I was able to get my first Janome, and I think having such a nice machine made sewing so much more enjoyable.

I was only able to get the piecing done in time for his birthday.  I then brought it back to VA and was able to find time to finish the entire quilt by our August vacation. 

Just recently he has been able to use the quilt due to the cooler temperatures.  The first time he put it on his bed, he called and left me a very choked up message.  He loves it, and we love him!

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