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My daughter and I are in our favorite time of year…the time where we take off of homeschooling and just sew! She received 5 orders for ‘twirly skirts’ that need to be done before Christmas, and we are off to a good start. We have also begun sewing some aprons for family and friends. After that we have pillowcases, pajama pants and a baby blanket. We are hoping to finish everything in these next few weeks before we head to Chicago for Christmas. It seems a little overwhelming, but I think we will be able to pull it off. Here are some of the ‘almost finished’ projects along with the fabric for the ‘not started’ projects.

Christmas 2011 sewing projects

She is looking forward to a day at the American Girl Doll store in Chicago during Christmas break to spend some of her earnings. She has decided on a different doll, Marie-Grace. Maybe once we get there, she will change her mind again :-). All I know is that we are looking forward to a nice day together with some of our aunts and uncles.


I am so proud of her and how well she can sew; we make a good team. I look forward to many more years of sewing together.


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My daughter informed me the other day that she would like an American Girl Doll with some accessories. Keep in mind, her aunts got her a Bitty Baby when she was five. Her cousins gave her their Samantha doll last Christmas, which she loves. I had a few other items on my Christmas list for her this year, and a brand new American Girl Doll was not one of them.

So, an idea came to mind.  She had a few sewing lessons this summer, and her skills increased quite a bit.  Therefore, I decided that if she truly wanted this new doll…Kit… (she will not stop browsing through the American Girl Doll magazine), that maybe she should earn most, if not all of the money to buy her along with some accessories.  She thought this was a GREAT idea.

The Plan

I have been sewing Kathleen skirts for a few years now.  The last few she has helped with quite a bit, and we have made many for her friends.  Therefore, we decided to put the word out and hope to start receiving orders for custom-made skirts.  She will be the main ‘sewer’ with as much assistance from me as needed.  We are focusing on two skirt styles named:

    • Spinning Twirling Skirt
    • Straight Strip Skirt (try to say that three times fast)

Spinning Twirly Skirt $25

If you are interested in a skirt for your daughter(s), please let us know.  You just need to purchase, and wash, your own material.  (Joann’s always has great deals or 40-50% off coupons). We will provide the thread and elastic, and have a final fitting to make sure the waist fits. 

Straight Strip Skirt $30

Are you interested???  Please email us to let us know, and we will figure out the details from there. eilisrose@yahoo.com
Please check out the original posts for these skirts.

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The Twirly Strip Skirt

I made larger trapezoids for these skirts.  My daughter kept one and the other was given to a friend of hers for her birthday.  I embellished both with a pink bow.  My daughter and her friend plan out times that they can wear them at the same time.  Too cute!

These strips measured 3 1/2 inches at the top and 7 1/2 inches at the bottom.  I still used 11 of them.  They are still not incredibly twirly, but the larger trapezoids did allow more movement.

Here is how they turned out.

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The Strip Skirt

I spent quite a bit of time looking through the internet for ideas to make fun twirly skirts for my daughter.  I liked the idea of a strip skirt, but I also wanted to use a yoke as I did in my first skirt.  I couldn’t find anything, so I just blended a few ideas together.  I made a yoke based on the directions I found for the tiered skirt i had made previously:


Then, based on the measurement of the yoke (9 ” x  34″) , I used 11 trapezoids measuring 3 1/2 ” at the top and 5 inches at the bottom.  I sewed them all together, and the narrow end was a little longer than 34 inches.  I then put in gathering stitches and gathered it just a bit to fit the yoke.  I sewed up the waistband and the hem. 

The first skirt my daughter kept.  We then made the second and third as birthday presents for my daughter’s friends.  We sewed the fabric buttons as a nice embellishment on all three skirts.  Her friends loved them!

The skirts were not as twirly as I had hoped…so my next adventure began…

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The Twirly Skirt

This was my first attempt at a skirt for my daughter.  I made it this past June and then it took off from there.

My daughter helped with the gathering and also made a matching headband.  It was a fun first project together. 

I found the idea at:


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