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After a few years of sitting back and watching my friend’s doTERRA business grow, we decided it was finally time to jump on board. We have been using doTERRA oils off and on for a few years and have seen the wonderful benefits that they provide. Also, this last school year was the FIRST year that both Sean and I were working full-time AND the kids were in school. The kids came down with fevers and colds a few times throughout the year, and it seemed like we were flipping a coin to see who was going to stay home with them. We decided it was time to use more preventative measures of healthcare. Also, two Catholic school teachers tend to not bring home large paychecks nor have a large retirement built up, so we decided it was time to look for another source of income to assist us with our current bills and to help us save more money for retirement.

doTERRA is the perfect fit. We get to share these amazing oils with our family and friends. It is incredibly inexpensive to join, and there are no monthly requirements. Here are some of the benefits to becoming a Wellness Advocate.

  • Low Enrollment Fee – Only $35 (waived if you purchase an enrollment kit, which is what we did).
  • 25% Off Retail Price
  • Free Product of the Month On Qualifying Orders
  • Loyalty Rewards Program – Earn Free Product (this is similar to accruing frequent flyer miles).
  • Online Account to Manage Orders
  • Business Site Others Can Order Product From – see my link at the bottom
  • No Monthly Sales Required/No Monthly Purchases Required – this is another thing that sold me. No PRESSURE.

What are Essential Oils?

Why did we choose doTERRA essential oils?

How do you become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate?

Which kit should you buy?


We chose the $150 FAMILY PHYSICIAN KIT  (savings of $34.50) because it held the oils that we wanted to try first. Here are 150 different ways to use the kit.

I now wish I had purchased the HOME ESSENTIALS KIT for $275 (savings of $86.25) because the bottles are larger 15mL vs 5mL. I knew before I ordered that the bottles were larger, but I just wasn’t sure my family would like the oils as much as we do! AND it comes with the amazing doTERRA diffuser. Isn’t the diffuser gorgeous?!


Since my purchase of the Physician’s Kit, I went ahead and purchased the diffuser too. I LOVE DIFFUSING OILS. I was not sure I would, but I do. Here is a LINK to 150 ways to use the Home Essentials Kit.

So, have I peeked your interest? Are you ready to look at more natural remedies for your family’s health while earning a little extra money? Please feel free to look through my website for more information or to sign up and purchase an enrollment kit. You can also purchase individual oils or blends at wholesale prices. http://mydoterra.com/eilisrose 

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. eilisrose@yahoo.com


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